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Thailand's Top Multi-brand Dealership Group

T here are quite a few car exporting and multi-brand dealership groups in the world and, as result, as many claims and promises. So what makes Soni Motors different - why do our customers return time and time again and why do they keep referring us to their colleagues, friends and family?

The answer is simple: We make our customers buying experience as easy as possible. They can purchase vehicles from the comfort of their office and home if they so choose or they can come to a showroom close to their home. No matter how you do your purchasing, either offline or online, we have taken all the hassle out of purchasing vehicles while saving you money, time and energy as we serve with professionalism, passion and integrity.

You'll find a stunning selection of brand-new vehicles in all of our worldwide showrooms but our Dubai and Singapore showrooms also boost an enormous inventory of select pre-owned vehicles. Our accessories and parts departments are also ready to attend to your needs. And we're ready to floor you with our exceptional customer service.

We can provide you the highest quality vehicles, parts and accessories at the lowest price in the world because we keep our margins small. Our aim is to give you the best value for your money. If we were to preoccupy ourselves with maximizing our profit, how would our customer prosper and grow? Our success is in our customers long-term success. We have discovered that if we are loyal to our customers, they return this loyalty manifold.

We also strive to squeeze as much time as possible from the equation. No one can supply vehicles faster than us month after month in a consistent fashion. We invest our own money to anticipate demand and pre-buy vehicles that our customers would need the most.

Providing superior customer service with Integrity and professionalism is an integral part of every job description at Soni Motors. We want to give our customers a true return on their investment. Very often that means thinking beyond the confines of the car industry, for whilst automobiles may be the core of our business, we never allow it to be the limit of our thinking.

All it takes for you to get started is an email or a call so no need to wait any longer. Find out why we are one of world's fastest growing dealership group  with a number of spacious showrooms in Thailand, Dubai and Singapore with offices in Japan, Karachi with direct and indirect representation in a number of world cities offering a wide selection of makes and models of vehicles from Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi , Nissan, Chevrolet, Mazda, Isuzu, Ford, BMW to Mercedes among others. See our section on dealership for more details.

In Thailand, even though the bulk of our business is in exporting, we are also Thailand's leading multi-brand dealership and serve corporations, leasing companies, NGOs and foreign embassies.

We have experience in putting together fleets for corporations , NGOs, governments, militaries, UN and leasing companies that cost the least without compromising quality. We know in what country a particular vehicle is the cheapest and can use our purchasing clout and global and local interconnections to put together the cheapest fleets no matter where you are located.

If you are interested in buying genuine spare parts or accessories, then you need go no further. We have been selling Toyota, Isuzu, Nissan and a range of Thailand-made Japanese, American and German vehicles, parts and accessories in the local market and exporting to foreign countries for a long time and have developed strong ties with car manufacturers, dealers, suppliers and car parts and accessory makers. We are thus able to procure vehicles, accessories and parts at rock bottom rates quickly. We can get you quality spare parts not only from Thailand but also Dubai and Singapore.

We are also manufacturing Soni branded accessories at our state of the art facility. Soni-branded accessories can beat and meet the quality of all top quality manufacturers.

Please note that we are parts and accessories wholesalers and provide parts and accessories primarily to our dealer and corporate customers.

We are proud to be Thailand's most successful e-business. While core of our business is still through word of mouth of satisfied customers, a lot of new business is generated and conducted via Internet. The history is repeating itself in the online realm as well, and our Internet customers are now recommending us to both their net-savvy and less net-savvy friends and colleagues allowing us to be a part of more success stories all over the world.

By sticking with us for all of your automotive needs, you'll establish a consistent standard of quality, you'll save time and money and you'll avoid a boatload of headaches. You can buy vehicles from all automotive centers of the world by sending just one email. And speaking of money, we have always been extremely affordable. And we get the highest quality vehicles in shortest span of time. Quite simply, you get it all. Highest Quality! Lowest Price! Quick Availability! Access to all automotive markets! Access to all auto makes and models! What else are you waiting for.

95% of our business is with dealerships, corporations, governments, NGOs, IGOs, supply companies, UN and other institutions but we do not ignore individuals who are adventurous enough to do their shopping on the Net and are familiar with import regulations in their country as long as it does not interfere with our existing sole distributorship agreements in their country.

To take advantage of our low prices, quick availability and legendary customer service, drop us a line or two at [email protected].


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