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Soni Motors Thailand - Thailand's top new car dealer and exporter and Jim 4x4 Thailand - Thailand's top used car dealer and 2 hand exporter

If you have landed here in search of Thailand's top auto dealer and Thailand's top auto exporter, your search is over, an email at [email protected] will give you access to all top quality Thailand assembled Japanese and American 4x4 vehicles as Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Exporter, Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco Thailand Export, Toyota Hilux Vigo, Mitsubishi L200 Triton and Nissan Navara as well as Thailand's top used car dealer and top second-hand car dealer and exporter. An email at [email protected] will connect you to not only Right Hand Drive Thai, Japanese and Singaporean vehicles but also Dubai local Left Hand Drive vehicles at Soni Motors Dubai.

Soni Motors Thailand is a 100 years old Asia-wide institution which is Thailand's largest and oldest car multi-brand dealership group and exporter. Our used car division Jim 4x4 Thailand is Thailand's largest and oldest user car dealership group and exporter. We are Thailand's largest exporter of Toyota Hilux Vigo, Thailand's largest exporter of Mitsubishi L200 Triton and Thailand's largest exporter of Nissan Navara. Thailand is world's capital of diesel 4x4 vehicles and Soni is the King of Thailand auto exporting. We claim some 80-90% of the auto exporting market and have dominated this space for the past 25 years. If you are looking for a new Toyota Hilux Vigo or a nearly new Toyota Vigo or a quality used Toyota Hilux Tiger Soni Motors Thailand, Jim 4x4 Thailand and Soni Motors Dubai are world's best dealership group for diesel 4x4s. Email us now at [email protected] for pickup and SUV of your choice.

Thailand's Best Auto Dealer

For our South East Asian customers, we offer the unique experience of buying a high quality automobile of all models at the lowest price in town without any hassle or haggle. Bloomstar introduced the concept of selling multiple brands of new vehicles under one roof in 1982 in Thailand. Uni-brand dealers were amused and gave us a few months of survival time but Soni Motors's parent company Bloomstar had the last laugh. The concept worked for not only blue chip corporations both local and multinationals but also non-profit organizations, embassies, government departments, world agencies as well as individuals. When we added Soni Quality used vehicles our customers were hooked. We became an indispensable source for all their automotive needs. The Soni Group is now one of Thailand's most successful dealership group and excels in sales and export of diesel 4x4 pickups and SUVs as Toyota Hilux Vigo, Mitsubishi L200 Triton, Nissan Navara, Chevy Colorado, Isuzu Dmax, Isuzu MU-7, Ford Ranger. Mazda BT-50, Honda CR-V, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Hilux Tiger, Toyota Avanza and a range of other Thailand-assembled Japanese and American cars, sedans, 4x4 pickups and 4x4 SUVs.

Since Soni is an international corporation, multinational Corporations, NGOs, governments, militaries, UN agencies, project suppliers,  and European and Asian leasing agencies have the advantage of buying fleets from one source in all countries of operation while saving substantial money in the process. We can source vehicles where they are the cheapest: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Dubai and Europe and create a combination that provides top selection and top savings. Whether you are looking for Right Hand Drive vehicles or Left Hand Drive vehicles Soni Motors Thailand and Soni Motors Dubai will work together to create your international fleets. Whether you are looking for Right Hand Drive Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Exporter, Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco Thailand Export, Toyota Hilux Vigoor Left Hand Drive Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand Exporter, Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco Thailand Export, Toyota Hilux Vigoor Toyota Landcruiser, we can help.

We can also supply vehicles to embassies by putting together Thailand made 4x4 pickups and SUVs with Japanese, Dubai local and Singaporean and European vehicles when needed and to import where necessary. We can supply not only new vehicles but also quality pre-owned luxury vehicles for embassy staffers.

Soni Motors is a favourite of both Thai nationals and foreign expatriates. Please note that we will gladly export new vehicles outside Thailand, but we are reluctant to sell new vehicles to individuals in Thailand to respect exclusive dealership agreements of each respective brand, we will be glad to provide you with Soni Quality pre-owned vehicles.

Soni prides itself on being different from the typical automotive dealership. Whether it’s the haggle-free one-price environment, Sunday Dealer Day, the monthly Owner’s Clinic, or  the professional staff, it’s clear that our company is a leader in the Industry.

Much of this difference can be traced directly to owners, Jim and Soni Quraishi, and their nephews Sam, Sunny and Will who have to live up to Quraishis' 100 years of automotive excellence and 275 years experience of providing transportation solutions to our customers. Our great grandfather established British Empire's First Asian automotive dealership on the principles of absolute honesty, unparalleled customer service, top selection and one low price. Quraishis generation after generation are committed to upholding his commitment to offering our customers the highest quality at the lowest prices and dealing with them with integrity. Quraishis have continued growing in our past 8 decades of involvement with the automotive industry.

We are not done growing yet. In the past decade alone, Soni Motors Thailand and its parent company, Bloomstar International have grown tenfold. We tripled our revenues in just the past year and grew despite, or perhaps because, of our razor-thin profit margins. We owe this all to the confidence our customers continue to pose in us. The three years spanning 2003-2005 was rough on used car dealerships in Thailand as they closed one after another. Severe price competition among manufacturers had caused them to revise the prices of new vehicles lower every few months thus causing the existing stock of used cars to loose value by almost half in a matter of a few months. None of the used car dealers had remained unaffected and some twenty year veterans have sadly gone out of business after loosing millions of bahts while others were teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. The next two or three price cuts could do them in. Yet, Soni Motors continued to not only survive but thrive in this time of difficult transition. We took the punches in stride and came back swinging. Dealers continued to speculate on the reasons for our success but there is no secret. If you acquire your vehicle inexpensively, treat your customers with integrity, fairness and respect so they keep coming back and keep bringing other customers with them, and then if you then keep your profits low, your vehicles will not be standing in your showroom collecting dust but in the hand of your happy customers within three or four days. Many times our vehicles are sold even before they drive into our lot. We maintain a waiting list of vehicles and as soon as that vehicle arrives, we call the person and quote the price and the car is sold. Additionally our brisk international export business does not allow any dust to settle on our stock of new and used vehicles.

A customer-friendly, one-price selling process was inaugurated at our inception in 1911 and is one secret ingredient for our success. We offer such low prices that none of the dealers in Bangkok can beat them, it is therefore no surprise that many dealers now buy from us regularly. To save our regular customers from inconvenience, we have reserved Sundays for our dealer customers.

Quraishi family works hard and puts in long hours but our employees put in their 110% as well. This surprises many dealerships but not us. Soni Motors introduced a never heard concept of employee ownership in Thai dealerships. Most of our employees are part of a profit sharing program that allows them to share Soni's success. This is why they work harder and longer than employees of other dealerships. They are invested in doing their utmost best to win lifelong customers.

Our aim is to make automobile buying process as simple, straight forward and pleasurable as possible. The motor trade is a people business, and our people pride themselves on their efforts to tailor-make the package to suit your requirements. When you visit a Soni Motors dealership, you will find a friendly atmosphere, one of care and commitment. In fact, you may even find Soni Quraishi, with sleeves rolled up, assisting an employee or customer, proving, there just is no substitute for a car enthusiast in a dealership!

Soni is committed to delivering exceptional service, from the minute you enter our Showrooms or Web site, throughout the life of your vehicle and beyond. We look forward to seeing you in our Dealership, and we hope the information on our Web site will help you get to know us better. Soni continues to shine as one of top performing dealerships in Asia because of its great selection, pricing, service and quality. When you visit our spacious and exceptionally maintained showrooms, you will see why Soni has, from its modest beginning, gradually risen to the top. With our first class facilities and a knowledgeable and helpful staff we are confident that your every visit will be an enjoyable experience.

Soni Motors has taken the haggle out of pricing and once you step into our bright and modern showrooms, you are quoted a honest below-market price that cannot be beat with financing that is right for your situation. There are no hidden fees or dealer prep charges. One low price allows you to drive your car to your home. We have been keeping our lots full of top quality vehicles for the best price and want to offer those deals to you. Come on down now. 

Find out for yourself how easy we make it to buy or lease the car of your choice. It starts with a large selection of the most desired cars, with every range of equipment and accessories. It continues with a courteous and professional sales staff that's dedicated to helping you choose the car you want, exactly the way you want it; and doing their best to make sure you get it. Once you have chosen one of our fine automobiles our financing specialists will work with finance companies to arrange the most advantageous terms possible.

No one in Bangkok sells better pre-owned cars at better prices than Soni...that's because no one has to live up to our 75 year old reputation as world's automotive experts. We offer the finest and most extensive selection of carefully maintained, low mileage cars. Every car we offer for sale is a perfect example of automotive excellence.

Soni Motors Unique Advantage

No Hassle and no Haggle

Best Selection

Convenient Hours One Low Price Flexible Financing Arrangements

Both local and global clients are guaranteed a hassle-free and haggle-free experience when dealing with Soni Motors.

If you are a local customer, you are free to browse our showrooms to your heart's content with absolutely NO high-pressure sales tactics. Of course, if you have any questions, we'd be happy to assist you, but no one ever will pester you. We have busted the stereotype of a car salesperson. Customers experience friendly, courteous and forthright pre- and post-sales service. No one will ever pressure you into a deal either offline or online. You buy the car on your terms and on your timing. This is because we put our employees through a comprehensive training program to ensure that our sales assistants are the best-trained and most knowledgeable people that you would meet at any dealership for countries around. Our courteous and friendly salespeople will take the time to get to know you and your needs.

Our export customers experience a similar hassle-free experience.

Our great grandfather established Asia's first dealership on the principles of integrity, customer service and a fair deal and we continue to live up to his ideals deal by deal, day by day.


Soni has hundreds of cars and trucks in its spacious showroom lots. Most of are earmarked for our export customers but we don't ignore our local customers either be they locals or expatriates, we offer an ever changing array of the hottest new and pre-owned vehicles of all makes and models, including luxury and luxury sport utility vehicles. We search nationwide for the finest examples of the world's best cars. The majority of our pre-owned vehicles are purchased directly from private owners, with books and service records, and are one owner vehicles. Our other vehicles come from reputable auction houses and finance companies. We research the history of each car to ensure mileage accuracy and title authenticity. We take pride in the size and diversity of our inventory. Whether you are looking for a low priced work truck or an almost new sport coupe, we've got the ride for you. We have the best selection of new, almost new and previously owned vehicles in our markets. Drop in and check us out.

Our showrooms are open Monday to Saturday 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM and if these hours do not fit your schedule, we would be glad to make appointments to suit your convenience. Sunday is reserved for our dealer and export clients. Our customers get first priority so our dealer customers are allowed to take advantage of our low prices only on Sundays. But if you can only make it on Sundays, we would to make an exception by appointment only.

Because our European and South American customers are still awake when we close, we end up staying in the office till 12 am making phone calls and replying to incoming emails. It is not unusual to see Soni and Sam communicating with European customers via phone or email in the office till 2 am many nights of the week. Yet that does not phase them, they are back in the office by 8:30 am greeting the local customers.

We take great pride in our inventory. When you speak to our courteous, knowledgeable sales and customer service staff, that pride is evident. However, when it comes to price, value supersedes pride! Simply put, we will not be undersold! We are so convinced that we offer the best prices that we ask you to see Soni Last. Visit as many dealerships as you like, get their best prices for the car of your choice and then visit us to experience the Soni difference. Our prices are so low that many dealers come to us to buy incredible cars at incredible prices. In fact there is such demand from the dealers that we had to restrict dealers to Sundays.

Our great-grandfather established the principle of one fair price at the time of our establishment 70 years ago. He taught us, "give everyone a fair deal, treat them with respect and integrity and they will be your customers for life."

Pricing Guarantee! We have the prices that everyone else says they'll meet or beat. If you find an item where we are not the lowest price in Bangkok we will beat the advertised price you show us.

Discount on Parts and Accessories: Thanks to the economy of scale, we are able to procure parts and accessories very inexpensively and are happy to pass on the savings to our local and global customers.

Once you select a vehicle, we can help secure the best financing available. Whatever financing option you pick, we make acquiring your dream car affordable. We work with financing companies to custom tailor a plan based on your preferred term and needs. We also gladly accept cash or checks. Work with Ratt and her people to find the financing solution that best suits your needs.

Through the years, we have earned a reputation for exceptional value and superior service, delivered with friendliness and the highest degree of professional integrity.  This is the foundation of the Soni Motors' continuing success. Nowhere else will you find the Selection, Prices, Quality and top notch Service that we offer. Come experience a fun way to buy a car at a Soni showroom near you. Remember Soni dealerships are where customers send their friends and family to buy their next car.

Our Sales Standards for Local Customers


  • A team member courteously acknowledges the customer within two minutes of arrival and advises him that a team member is available upon request. He then gives customers room to browse at his or her will
  • Knowledgeable team member establishes advisory relationship and listens to customers, identifies needs, and ensures needs are meet
  • Team member offers a test drive
  • Team member, Management, and Finance personnel work together to provide a pleasant, non-pressured purchase experience and give thorough explanation where necessary
  • Team member uses a checklist to deliver vehicle in perfect condition per promised schedule
  • A team member contacts the customer within a week of delivery to ensure total satisfaction and takes action to redress any issues

Corporate Fleet Services

Soni Corporate Services Division was established with the express purpose of satisfying the needs of the corporate fleet vehicle and leasing market.

The philosophy behind our Corporate Services Division is simple - to  deliver tailor-made solutions to your fleet requirements, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business. We can manage your fleets in multiple countries. Leasing companies can benefit from our purchasing clout and save substantial money by purchasing through us. We can do our purchasing in multiple countries, buying where it is the cheapest and put together a top-notch fleet at the lowest possible prices.

Whatever your fleet requirements, be it 5 cars or 5000, you can benefit from the range of specialized programs offered by Soni Corporate Services, which include:

  • Total Fleet Management System: Soni Motors have developed a system that can manage the whole process surrounding the purchase, maintenance and administration of the fleet vehicle. This can save your company time and money
  • Corporate Finance and Insurance Service: Soni Motors can provide competitive Finance and Insurance packages tailored to suit your needs. Because of our purchasing clout, we can get a better deal than a single company would on its own
  • Assessment of your vehicle needs: Soni Motors will provide expert assessment of your fleet vehicle needs. We can virtually satisfy all vehicle requirements in the passenger vehicle and commercial market, with multiple brand names to choose from
  • Purchasing Policy: Soni Motors can provide expert advice on formulating a Purchasing Policy for your company
  • Vehicle Off-Road Service: To save you money and reduce the complications involved with repairs, Soni Group provides superior vehicle off-road services. Should your company vehicle be involved in an accident, Soni Motors will pay for a tow truck to get your vehicle to Soni Bodyworks. Once there, it will be repaired immediately. As a Soni Motors Corporate Client, you will be provided with a replacement vehicle at no charge for the first 24 hours, then at a reduced rental rate for subsequent days.

For more information on how Soni Corporate Services can assist your business, please contact Soni Motors corporate offices today at [email protected].


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