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Not only do we offer the highest quality vehicles at the lowest price in the world, we have also built a reputation for delivering vehicles in the shortest possible time in the safest possible way.

We have also made ordering process as easy as 1-2-3. Just a rudimentary knowledge of internet and email allows you to access Team Soni and place the order for the vehicle that you or your customers always wanted.

Capital is a limited resource and it should not be held at one place for too long doing nothing. It should remain in circulation making profit and not remain stagnant for too long.

Some dealers send their money and then wait for months for exporters to send their vehicles. Our financial strength allows us to purchase vehicles in ready demand in advance so as soon as the payment is in we can have the vehicle ready for shipment in 8 to 10 working days. Vehicles in less demand can also be acquired pretty quickly because of our tremendous purchasing clout as Thailand's oldest, most reputable and largest auto exporter. Few suppliers in Thailand can afford to make us unhappy and we leverage this clout to keep your business and investment humming along. Taking a vehicle through Registration and deregistration process and acquiring export papers can take weeks but we get it done in a matter of days thanks to our connections. This means that your money gets working for you in the least amount of time.

We are highly experienced professionals who just like to keep things casual but we are not casual about business matters and never ever casual about meeting and exceeding our customers expectations. We meet our cost and time commitments with absolute professionalism but we do not put on airs and always try to be within reach of our customers as much as humanly possible. Our clients needs receive priority attention.

We believe that no two customers needs are alike, and we are trained to handle each differently. We don't ever baffle you with any 'jargon', but talk to you on your level without being condescending. It’s all about making your experience as enjoyable as possible, and finding a solution that works for you. If you ask for a certain vehicle and we don't happen to have it, we will find another vehicle that matches your requirements.

When we work with you to solve your need, we don’t just bring experience and foresight with us – we bring specialist skills honed by years of experience.

Soni Motors has worked on a variety of projects for customers from differing backgrounds in almost every corner of the world and in the process have discovered that even though one Vigo may be no different than another Vigo but solutions we build around them are never generic but customized to the unique requirements of our client. We keep this in mind when developing for you and this is why our products and services stand out from the rest.

Our goal is to provide a unique, innovative solution that fits your automotive needs, every time. We seek our customers complete satisfaction and his or her long-term success.




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