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Soni Motors Thailand is proud to be Thailand's largest new and used Toyota Hilux Vigo Single Cab, Extra Cab and Double Cab exporter. An email at [email protected] allows you to import not only Right Hand Drive diesel 4x4s but also Left Hand Drive vehicles of your choice. An email at [email protected] allows you to purchase both Right Hand Drive and Left Hand Drive vehicles.

Some analysts have speculated that Soni Motors Thailand dominates Thailand auto exporting scene by virtue of being Thailand's first multi-brand dealership and Thailand's first auto exporter but this is not entirely true. Being first in the field gave us some traction in our earlier years but no one can rest on their laurels not even us with our 98 years history of automotive excellence. We have earned our whopping 80% market share through sheer hard work of building our reputation one deal at a time and by serving our customers and offering them best quality vehicles at best prices quickly and efficiently. What our customers tell us most is that it is not our low prices, our top quality, our speed of delivery but our trustworthiness that matters to them the most. They feel that we are always looking out for their best interests and that customer service is not jut a slogan for us but a commitment each generation makes to its earlier generation. Email us now at [email protected] to get new or used 4x2 or 4x4 Single Cab or Extra Cab or Double Cab Toyota Hilux Vigo, Toyota Hilux Tiger, Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Triton or Nissan Navara of your choice.

Whether your preference is a vehicle from Thailand, Dubai or Japan we are ready to serve you.

Soni Motors Corporate Objectives

To nurture our people's exceptional creativity and innovation by supporting their continuous and ambitious personal and professional growth in the pursuit of the highest quality products and superior customer service which advance global business standards and practices.

The Corporate Objectives are presented in a circle format on the left - rather than in a list - because each of the Corporate Objectives is important to the Company's long-term success. Each Corporate Objective is equally weighted in business performance assessments, and each receives prime consideration in business investment and other decisions made by all Soni People. In addition, the circle format helps to convey the supportive and synergistic relationship between the objectives.




Customer Satisfaction and Service

To earn the respect of our customers by partnering with them and providing them with products and services in a timely manner that anticipate and exceed their needs, and by providing them product and service advantages which contribute to the customer's business success. This is our Job Number One at Soni. You may excel in all other fields but if you fail in this important criteria then you have no place in Soni Organization. Customer Satisfaction has been our most important corporate objective since our founding in 1911 and will remain our topmost priority.

Financial Performance and Growth

The commitment of Soni People to knowledge development, coupled with available financial resources, will drive business growth strategies and an expanding new product offering. Thanks to our longevity and preeminence in our markets, we have been blessed with financial resources that we use wisely to stock vehicles that are most needed by our customers to save our customers time and buy in bulk to save them money. We also use our capital to build worldwide capability to serve our customers betters as we plan and implement very long-term strategies to help Soni grow for another 100 years and beyond.

Team Soni

Soni Motors is owned by two brothers Jim and Soni Quraishi and its culture reflects the philosophy and the very different work experiences of the two brothers and friends. Soni People believe they can make a difference in their company and in the world. They work their best to contribute to the success of not only Soni Motors but also to the success of our customers. Every person in the organization is given an opportunity to attain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from work achievements, to be recognized for individual and team accomplishments, and to be rewarded based upon demonstrated skills, customer service acumen, integrity, professionalism and job ownership performance.

Though we are a family owned company, Quraishi Family members do not receive preferential treatment. They have to prove themselves like others and must start at the bottom and make their way up like others. Soni Motors encourages our team members to engage in community service and think of ways to improve our world. To learn more about Team Soni click on this link.




Product Quality Assurance

We are committed to supplying products and services which provide lasting value to our customers and our customer customers, while leading industry standards and practices to "zero defects." Soni Quality preowned vehicle is guaranteed to be accident-free. Soni-branded accessories are guaranteed to be top in quality.


Community Contribution and Responsibility

To be exemplary citizens of each of the communities in which we operate by actively participating in achieving community goals and by improving the lives of its less privileged members. The environment is important to us; our actions shall be consistent with environmental responsibility. We want to create a better world by giving in our communities to improve the daily lives of the have-nots, by allowing non-profits to save substantially by cutting the middle men and by reaching first in disaster struck regions with help and ready-to-buy vehicles needed for disaster work.

Time Efficiency

We are committed to producing or acquiring and delivering our services and products more efficiently than anyone in the world. We are proud of delivering vehicles in the least possible time in a consistent fashion. We use our substantial financial resources and purchasing clout to anticipate our customers need and stock wherever possible and acquire the rest in the least possible time. Export paperwork is also handled in the most efficient possible way. Everything has been streamlined and works in a systemic way. Our suppliers know that Mr. Soni never compromises on quality, time and cost and for them to remain our long-term partner, they must deliver consistently on all these three. We have squeezed as much time as possible from the equation to create a very streamlined supply-chain that will never fail you.


To foster initiative, creativity and commitment by expecting each individual to desire personal and professional growth. To provide each person with the freedom of job ownership to establish work improvement objectives and the freedom of action to implement individual work improvement methods.


To earn a reasonable profit to provide resources needed to fund the achievement of our other objectives. Our goal is maximization of our customers' profit and if that allows us to prosper, we are not complaining.






Three Step Purchasing Process

It is no surprise that we have become Thailand's most successful e-Business and its largest auto exporter. We have made ordering your vehicle over the Internet or phone as easy as ordering Kung Pao Chicken from your local Chinese restaurant. Try us now. Getting your used Toyota Hilux Tiger 5L, Toyota Hilux Tiger EFi, Toyota Hilux Tiger D4D or used pre-owned or nearly new or new Toyota Hilux Vigo, Mitsubishi L200 Triton or Nissan Navara or Toyota Fortuner SUV to your doorstep is as easy as 1-2-3. Even though we specialize in 4x4 pickups and SUVs from Thailand. We can also export Right Hand Drive or Left Hand Drive vehicle of your choice from our offices in Dubai and Japan.


Step 1 - Selecting Your Vehicle: You contact us after browsing our site. We work together to further refine your requirements. If vehicles can be acquired from our Thailand office, we will give you prices and links to specifications and pics. If your vehicle requirements span our different offices, we will work with our Singapore, Japan and Dubai offices to put together a solution that will work for you. If you are in South Asia, you can choose to work with our regional office nearest you or deal with us directly.


Step 2: Ordering and Payment Once you know what you want, we send you an unofficial Performa (AKA proforma) invoice. If that works for you we email or fax you the official Performa invoice with bank information. The ball is in your court, you wire transfer the money to our account. Once the money hits our bank, the fun begins! This is where we roll up our sleeves and get to work. The vehicle must go through the registration and deregistration process before we can export it and we must also acquire an export permission. If the vehicle is already in stock as Toyota Hilux Double Cab G, it will only take 3-10 days, other vehicles not in stock may take longer according to the market demand and availability. We will stay in touch with you during this process as much or as little as you wish.


Step 3: Shipment, Custom Clearance and Receipt: Voila! While our Logistics team takes the vehicle through registration and deregistration process and our office is busy acquiring export papers, our accessories installation team busies itself with creating your dream vehicle and our Service Team conditions the vehicle. Mr. Soni, Sam or Jeff now inspect the vehicle against the checklist and if it passes muster with Soni exacting standards, it is now ready to be shipped. At this point, our logistics team leashes the vehicle and containerizes them and the vehicle is on its way to you. You get the vehicle custom cleared

Working with us is easy, and fun. We're honest, professional and friendly. And of course, our prices are the lowest in the world. Email us at [email protected] today, you won't regret it. Find out why thousands of dealers, distributors, corporations, non-governmental organizations, governments, defense establishments, militaries, embassies and individuals cannot agree on much but they do agree that when it comes to quality, selection, price and service Soni Motors Thailand is second to none.


Used Vehicle Checklist

Pre-Purchase Checklist

  • Verify proper mileage
  • Check for obvious exterior damage: body work, major wheel scuffs, excessive dings and scratches
  • Check the condition and odor of the vehicle's interior
  • Conduct spot checks on no less than 2 areas per exterior body panel for paint work
  • Engine checks: Is it running smoothly? Is there any exhaust smoke? Is there any engine noise?
  • Engage transmission: forward and reverse, look for smooth engagement
  • Check 4-wheel drive (if applicable)
  • Check all power accessories
  • Check under hood: Is oil unusually dirty? Is transmission fluid dirty? Is the antifreeze low and/or dirty?
  • Look under vehicle for any unusual rust, leaks, and damage
  • Trunk: check for any leaks or damage; make sure spare tire and tools are present

Post-Purchase Checklist Phase One

  • Brake fluid check
  • Oil change
  • Assure proper level of transmission fluid; perform power flush as needed
  • Assure proper level of power steering fluid
  • Top off washer fluid (-25°F)
  • Air filter
  • Belt(s)
  • Alternator – proper charging level
  • Battery – clean connections / secure connection / test strength
  • Check for leaks in engine compartment
  • Front wipers – torn / rotted / function
  • Rear wiper torn / rotted / function
  • Tires – wear, pressure to specs, do they match, dry rot, slow leaks
  • Spare tire – up to pressure / secure / jack & all tools present
  • Keys – all keys available; ensure all functions operate (if applicable)
  • Keyless entry code (if applicable)
  • A/C – ensure all functions work. Install heater if needed
  • Rear defrost and heated mirrors
  • Lights – interior and exterior
  • Re-check all power accessories though full range of motion
  • Water leaks, if any
  • Thorough test of sound system
  • Owner’s Manuals – all in place


Phase Two:

  • Third party performs any required repairs; any borderline items are repaired
  • Thorough test drive – bumpy back roads to smooth highway. Look for tire smoothness, balance, alignment, any unusual noises, smooth braking, all gauges working
  • Final clean up
  • Install stainless steel license plate screws
  • Prepare window sticker
  • Note in service date for vehicles with Factory Warranty if vehicle is to be resold in Thailand







No need to re-invent the wheel when you are with us, you can buy the highest quality 20", 22" and higher rims from us. You don't need to contact MTV to "pimp your ride" just contact us to accessorize your vehicle to your heart's content. You are just one call or email away from the rim of your dream.


Having worked closely with hundred of thousands of customers over the past few decades, there is very little we have not encountered before. Being the First Family of Automotive Exporting, our 100 years of experience allows us a unique insight into the exact automotive solutions a particular company in a particular market will need to maximise its long-term profitability. Soni Motors provides a multi-faceted approach to each case we handle ensuring that every aspect of a customer’s requirement is attended to in detail.

If you are new with us and are fretting if your vehicle will ever reach you or concerned if it will be as promised then worry not, honesty and integrity are not hollow promises but a matter of commitment every generation makes to it earlier generation before being allowed to take charge of the baton.


Come Grow with us

Our business is growing your business. We use our resources, knowledge, expertise, industry influence and purchasing clout to actively participate in your growth. We have been a part of our customers team since 1911 and have participated in the success and growth of hundred of thousands of customers all over the world.



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