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Our philosophy is an important part of our business. We are optimists. We believe that the world is getting better, not worse and that we have a role to play in making this a better world for this generation and the generations to come. We don't pay just lip service to this philosophy but strive to contribute in all we do to this process through responsible and value based business practices and through our philanthropic activities.

What does this all mean? We see our business as more than a money making engine and we encourage others to adopt this viewpoint. We see business as a way to contribute to our employees, the community, society and the whole world. We have just this planet to share and it is everyone's duty to improve it everyday so we can do our share to create this optimistic vision of the future.

In practical terms we try to implement our views through three broad avenues, listed below.


Creating Value not just Making Money

We see business as something larger than a day-to-day living. In our view a business is an organic entity that can benefit the community and the world at large by providing jobs, training and education, assistance to vulnerable sectors, charity work, resources for other professionals and by empowering NGOs and other non-profits.

In this way we can see business in a new light, as an integral part of a progressive society. Forget about businesses as the pinnacle of materialism, ever striving to cut costs and increase profits - that is a last century way of thinking. A business should be a vehicle for the advancement of society and the world and for improving people's lives.

Better Business Practices

First and foremost we are in automotive industry. We have a vested interest in promoting this industry by supporting new and old dealers in different countries of the world by offering them a product that will give their customers a value for their money.  No one can beat us on the price front. Our prices are the lowest in every market we operate be it Thailand, Singapore, Japan or Dubai. Thanks to our low prices, our dealer customers have prospered by passing these savings onto their customers and by building a lasting market share in their areas of operation.

We want to contribute to the success of our every customer and the happiness of our customers' customers.

We believe in the dictum that time is money. We get the vehicles in our partners hand in the least possible time. We have squeezed all possible time out of the equation for our customers' profit.

We conduct our business with fairness, integrity and professionalism.  We do not engage in any unfair practice.

Staying True to Beliefs and Core Values

Every person has value. Every person deserves to be treated with professionalism, respect and integrity. Matching the right vehicle with a customer’s needs is imperative. We will not sacrifice doing what is right or staying true to our character for the sake of a sale. We have certain core values (See Mission) that guide the daily functioning of our business.

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