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Soni and the Non-Profits

Soni's Philanthropy

Soni Motors and its parent company Bloomstar strive to recognize and support the communities in which we work and live. We have donated 5% of our profits to charitable projects in our countries of operation since our founding some 75 years ago. It's just one way of sharing our success to help those in need. Soni sponsors and participates each year in many programs to benefit people in Bangkok, Karachi, Dubai, Singapore and Surin. Doing business with us means doing good for others and the environment.

Bloomstar was actively involved in helping people affected with tsunami in all the countries of its operation. Soni Quraishi personally supervised the project and visited Southern Thailand in the week following the tsunami to gauge the scale of disaster and determine where our resources could do the most benefit. He continued the Quraishis' tradition of empowering communities and focusing not on band-aids but long-term amelioration.

When earthquake struck Pakistan, Soni Motors provided the first Vigoes that arrived in hard to reach earthquake region. We emerged as the premier provider of vehicles to NGOs and IGOs involved with earthquake relief. Our vehicles were uniquely provisioned to match the rough terrain of the mountainous areas of Kashmir. We also provided them with tyres and spare parts that would be needed most so they can keep going with relief work. We also provided relief by the truckload when it was needed the most in the 72 hours after the disaster.  

Our work with non-profits

We work with a number of frontline NGOs and are able to provide not only Right Hand Drive vehicles but also converted LHD and original Left Hand Drive vehicles to any port of the world. Soni Motors and Bloomstar were at the forefront of relief efforts after South East Asian Tsunami and Pakistani earthquake.

NGOs have the advantage of centralizing all their purchasing in multiple countries of operation. Thailand made quality 4x2s and 4x4s are ideal for NGO work in Asia, Africa, Americas and the Islands and since new Thai diesel vehicles are the cheapest anywhere in the world NGOs can use the money they save for their primary mission.

We have emerged as a strategic partner to NGOs, GOs, IGOs and UN agencies doing important work in developing countries all over the world. Our 100 years of experience in Asia gives us an intimate familiarity with the landscape and the unique requirements of different terrains. This is why we are able to pinpoint brands and models of trucks, pickups, SUVs, cars and motorcycles that are right for a particular country's circumstances. We think ahead and provide you with spare parts and extra tires to keep you going in the roughest of terrains.

If you are planning a project in a new country, we would be able to advise you on what kind of vehicles with what specifications would bit the bill.

Tsunami and earthquake came unannounced yet we were ready when they were done wreaking their havoc to support our brethren in distress. Our Emergency Response Teams spring into action whenever a disaster strikes in our regions of operation. This is why our vehicles - uniquely provisioned for the area - were the first to arrive in these regions. You can count on us to get you the help needed when you need it and as you need it in the most difficult of circumstances.

We realize that non-profit organizations have to work in some of world's least accessible places and breakdowns are a part of life. You want to k9i8get that badly needed spare parts right then and there and Soni will get it there when you need it as you need it.

We can turn your vehicles into ambulances or armoured vehicles according to your requirements. We put together a package of vehicles that costs the less without sacrificing quality, the only thing we sacrifice is our profit. Our presence in all automotive markets, our worldwide relationships with manufacturers and suppliers and our purchasing clouts give us considerable flexibility in sourcing vehicles at the cheapest possible price.






One Stop Shopping!
You can purchase Right Hand Drive (RHD) and converted LHD Thai, Singaporean, and Japanese vehicles as well as original LHD Dubai local vehicles with just one email.

Creative Solutions for Projects

Innovation and creativity are our forte. When deadline is looming and budget is nearing its limit. Our Team works tirelessly to put together a package that provides a solution without compromising on quality while meeting or beating budget and schedule constraints. If you want to fulfill a TACOM, DoD, USAID, UN or any other bid, check us out first, you will not be disappointed.



One phrase says it all: "Mr. Soni is a man of his words!
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Soni Volunteer Corps

Philanthropy is not just a PR gimmick for Soni Motors but a part of our glorious Golden Heritage bequeathed by our Founding Fathers who were passionate about ameliorating the circumstances of the have-nots.

It is with this spirit that Mr. Soni established Soni Volunteer Corps (SVC) in Spring of 1985. This program allows Soni Team members to take paid time off to serve the poor and needy in their community or in the world at large. SVC has been specially mobilized in crisis like the tsunami in South East Asia and earthquake in South Asia.

It is a sad fact that food shortage is still a problem in many parts of the world and people are still dying of hunger and suffering from malnutrition. Bags of rice, wheat and cereals can still make a difference in people's lives and Soni Motors is committed to wiping hunger out of the face of the world in the following two decades. Soni Motors is quite active in Asia in combating hunger, malnutrition and illiteracy.



Armoured (Armored) vehicles

It is sad fact of life that even those who come to serve humanity must now face snipers, grenades, mines and incidental attacks to go from one part of town to another. We can armor your vehicles to protect your staff against a wide range of projectiles and explosives. No armoring technology will protect against the most advanced weaponry but the quality armoring our partners perform will protect against mostly commonly occurring threats.

We work with only the top armored vehicle manufacturers who armor the vehicles according to the highest standards. We accept no compromises because even 5% less protection and a life may be lost. No amount of savings is worth a human life. We are still able to armor a vehicle at the cheapest price in the world because of our low margins.

Our partners not just install armor, they perform a complete conversion of the vehicle and transform it into a functional armored vehicle.

A properly fitted, armored off-road vehicle provides not only high mobility - even under extreme topographic conditions or with a partially destroyed infrastructure - but also safety from all potential dangers. All the 4 x 4 off-road vehicles appear inconspicuous - they look exactly the standard version. And, of course, like all other vehicles, they have excellent driving qualities and performance. Add quick delivery and you have a superb product for all-terrain protection, Soni Style.




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