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Nissan Navara Performance

The Nissan Navara is not only incredibly powerful, it's also exceptionally fun to drive. Apart from its flexible power delivery, a strong high tensile steel ladder chassis with welded cross members and a highly effective suspension system give the Nissan Navara remarkable agility with quick, accurate response to your command.

At the front, rack and pinion steering and compact independent suspension with coils over shocks and double wishbones provide a light yet rigid setup for optimum ride, comfort and stable handling. The rear suspension offers high lateral rigidity for better cornering, with long vertical axle travel to cope with heavy loads and rough tracks. So wherever you're going and whatever you're carrying, you'll be sure to finish every journey as you started it - relaxed and inspired.

On-road, off-road. No road

Don't be fooled by its sedan-like luxury and sporty ride. The Nissan Navara 4WD is a serious off-road contender.

A dashboard rotary switch gives you easy access to three driving modes. 2WD for normal driving conditions sends power to the rear wheels only, while engaging 4WD ensures a 50/50 power split between the front and rear wheels. 4WD high gives you the high ratio required for faster, lighter off-road conditions. And 4WD low selects a low ration for maximum traction in serious off-road conditions, deep mud or during climbing, with maximum engine braking whilst descending. The Nissan Navara 4WD also comes with a manually operated differential lock as standard, ensuring a 50/50 split of power to both the rear wheels in demanding off road conditions.

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