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Soni Professionalism

Professionalism is required of every Soni employee. Team Soni members are required to maintain customers interests above our company's self-interest when offering advice. We should give them objective advice even if it means that they end up doing business with someone else. We are asked to be frank about areas of our potential weaknesses and when we would not be able to provide  particular brand of vehicle in the required timeframe. Our professionalism extends not just to customers but also to our suppliers, manufacturers, fellow retailers and exporters. Professionalism should pervade all of our activities.

Team Soni members are committed to developing higher standards of personal performance to strengthen team spirit, pride of workmanship, and better productivity. We practice New Professionalism that puts ethics over profit and our profit over customers long term profitability. It is no surprise that most of our customers dominate their markets and have continued to grow with us and succeed

Professionalism in our view is comprised of the following:

  1. Honesty/ integrity is the consistent regard for the highest standards of behavior and the refusal to violate one's personal and professional codes. Honesty and integrity imply being fair, being truthful, keeping one's word, meeting commitments, and being forthright in interactions with cu, peers, and in all professional work, whether through documentation, personal communication, presentations, or other aspects of interaction. They require awareness of situations that may result in conflict of interest or that result in personal or company gain at the expense of the best interest of the customer
  2. Reliability/responsibility means being responsible for and accountable to others, and this must occur at a number of levels. First there must be accountability to one's customers. There must also be accountability to community we work in to ensure that our actions improve community's lot. Inherent in responsibility is reliability in completing assigned duties or fulfilling commitments. There must also be a willingness to accept responsibility for errors and then rectifying them
  3. Respect for others is the essence of humanism, and humanism is central to professionalism. This respect extends to all spheres of contact, including but not limited to customers, our customers' customers, our suppliers, and professional colleagues. One must treat all persons with respect and regard for their individual worth and dignity. One must be fair and nondiscriminatory. It is also a professional obligation to respect appropriate customer confidentiality
  4. Self-improvement is the pursuit of and commitment to providing the highest quality of service through lifelong learning and education. One must seek to learn from errors and aspire to excellence through self-evaluation and acceptance of the critiques of others
  5. Self-awareness/ knowledge of limits includes recognition of the need for guidance and supervision when faced with new or complex responsibilities. One must also be insightful regarding the impact of one's behavior on others and cognizant of appropriate professional boundaries
  6. Communication/ collaboration is critical to providing the best service to our customers. One must work cooperatively and communicate effectively with customers and with all parties involved in getting the products safely to their door
  7. 8. Altruism/ advocacy refers to unselfish regard for and devotion to the welfare of others and is a key element of professionalism. Self-interest or the interests of other parties should not interfere with the care of our customers and our customers' customers.

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